Focus is mainly on the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. Renoble Solar has a local representation and has its offices in Holland and Spain, from where their projects are being defined, acquired and further developed.


Renoble Solar and her partners support every project in an unique way, every part of the development requires its specific knowledge and experience. Working with professional partners for permits, grid connections, landlease contracts etc. are utmost important for stepping up to realisation of a project.


Landowners need and deserve a personal open approach by people they know and trust.

Civilian participation

Civilian participation, fair sharing with the community and intensive cooperation with local representatives of the civilians are key to realisation.


Sustainable energy market is more than just Solar. Well balanced projects in Wind and Biogas are part of the whole solution towards a sustainable energy production and consumption. In Biogas, the Renoble Solar team is very experienced as well in Biogas projects, developing, financing, building and operating.

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