Company’s vision

Power for Solar

The sun delivers a daily amount of free energy, this source we want to use to the max to convert this energy to electricity. During the transition phase it is in the Netherlands (Northern Europe) with governmental support, on our way to a selfsupporting grid-parity possible without any governmental support (south Europe).

Solar for Power

Electricity generated out of solar-power is proven technology of sustainable electricity production. Renoble Solar tries to contribute to this by developing Solar Panel parks in North Europe and Spain.

Energy for Biogas
The waste (manure and/or co-substrates) in our society delivers a daily amount of unused free energy. Out of this waste we want to convert the available energy via a industrial biogas process to a long-term sustainable asset. During the transition phase we are on our way from governmental support as in the Netherlands to a self-supporting grid-parity solution without any governmental support and direct Gas Purchase Agreements.

Biogas for Energy

Biogas (biomethane) generated out of waste like manure and co-substrates is a proven technology. The huge contribution of Biogas (biomethane) production is with +_ 8.000 hours (annum we have 8.760 hours) productivity a sustainable and predictable baseload. Renoble Bio is together with her experienced technology and investment partners, converting biogas into biomethane and through existing liquefaction technologies to Biofuels like BioLNG. This is the next step in the chain.

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