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About Renoble Solar

Renoble Solar defines, initiates and develops Solar projects, mainly in the Netherlands Spain and Portugal. Land (and roof-) lease contracts, municipality procedures, bonds for grid connection, permits and finance is core to come to realization. Roofmounted starts from around 4000 m2 oriented south or east west. Ground mounted starts from around 3-4 hectares, depending the distance towards the grid connection.

Our Services

Rooftop mounted

A roof is often the most obvious choice for a Solar installation.  We help you turn it into an asset. A detailed study needs to be performed. In addition to becoming an asset, the installation provides for a better protection and insulation of your roof, thus increasing its lifetime.

Ground mounted

The ground-mounted solution is for a land lease period from 20 – 30 years or more… all together in the right balance, an interesting investment option. After this period the landowner gets the land back as it was from the beginning. Double land use is preferable as for example Solar Carports on outdoor parking spaces in combination with EV chargers.

Why us?


Local presence


Expertise in Solar,  Wind and Biogas


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Investor is known at early stage


From rooftop 4000 m2 to ground mounted 5ha > 150ha


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