Sustainable energy market is more than just Biogas (biomethane). Well balanced projects in Solar and Wind as well are part of the whole solution towards a sustainable energy production and consumption. Combining Solar projects and Wind projects as production plants which produce Hydrogen could be a contribution to the biogas output of the Biogas plant to create even more biogas.

Big advantages are that in this way production can be stored through the existing gas grid and in case a grid connection (electricity) for solar is not (yet) available, the solution is to produce hydrogen instead of electricity, so we have an off-grid solution here.

The Renoble Bio team is together with her technology and investment partners very experienced as well in Solar projects as in Biogas projects to develop, finance, build and operate integrated energy installations. It seems to be future innovation but we are quite close to first realizations.


The realization of green energy projects is equal to large capital investments. Every project has its own merits. Renoble defines for each project which investor(s) fits what project; depending country, location, scale and output, heat availability, Gas to Grid Injection or Off Grid solutions.

Renoble permanently judges projects together with their partners, investors and others. Big advantage is that every project will permanently be analyzed and (re)viewed on four different levels; By Renoble itself, their partners, the board of investors, and finally of course by the banks and/or lease companies. Constant optimal integration of proven technologies for pre and post treatment solutions s for Gas upgrading systems with best available technology are key for a successful project.

“What is best for the project”.


Renoble and her partners support every project in a unique way, every part of the development phase requires its specific knowledge and experience. Besides working with reliable and experienced technology and investment partners we are working with professional partners for permits, grid connections, land lease contracts etc. which are utmost important for stepping up to realisation of a project.


Landowners need a personal and open approach by people they know and trust. Fair and feasible land lease or purchase proposals are to be mentioned to be able to realize future projects.

Civilian participation

Civilian participation, fair sharing with the community and intensive cooperation with local representatives of the civilians are key to realisation.

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