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Renoble Bio defines, initiates, develops and invests in Bio (-methane) energy projects, mainly in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Land contracts, feedstock contracting, pre and post treatment solutions, governmental procedures / permits, grid connections, gas upgrading systems Gas to Grid and Biomethane to Bio LNG and last but not least the financial structuring is core to our services.

We work with reliable and well known investment and technology partners.

Flexibility and commitment is mandatory to come to realization. As from 3-4 ha with short distances towards the grid connection or full off grid solutions we are your partner.


Bio-energy projects

The location and her local permitting rules are crucial to get to realization. The Renoble team helps you to turn your biogas or other bio-energy plant into a useful asset.

  • Permitting procedures
  • Contracting of feedstock
  • Pré-treatment solutions
  • Post treatment solutions (a.o. nutrients and digestate)
  • Off grid and on grid solutions
  • Bio methane off take contracts
  • Bio LNG off take contracts
  • Hydrogen from Solar

Biofuels in off grid solution

The output of a Biogas plant can be either Electricity, heat and/or Bio methane. In the Netherlands and for future projects in Germany and France we upgrade the Biogas towards Biomethane. This Biomethane can be liquified to create BioLNG (Bio Liquefied Natural Gas). This creates possibilities for off take agreements for shipping and transport industries with the BioLNG on the market. This can be seen as a first preparation to a sustainable energy world without subsidy.

Why us?


Local presence, International experience


Extensive expertise in build own and operate (BOO), for Biogas and Solar


We share our knowledge


Investors are reliable partners and is known from the beginning


Minimum 3-4 ha industrial area preferable with high building possibilities (minimum 20 meters up to 30 meters depending on country and location)


We are professionals, combine proven technologies with investors and make it personal

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